Flames Playoffs 2004

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Since 1981, Peter Maher has been "the voice of the Flames" on radio broadcasts. He's there for every pre-season game, every regular season game, and every playoff game. As the rights to broadcast the Flames' games have passed from station to station (starting with CHQR, then moving to 66-CFR, and now with The Fan 960), Peter has been a constant.

Peter has always prided himself on not being a "homer". He calls a professional game, maintaining an even keel regardless of whether the Flames are winning or losing, and gives the visiting team equal standing. That said, he has on occasion been known to break out of this role. In 1986, when the Flames pulled off a stunning upset of the defending champion Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the playoffs, he let fly with a loud "Yeah, Baby!" to cap off his broadcast.

Three years later, he did it again - actually, he belted out three "Yeah, Baby's" at the moment the Flames clinched their first Stanley Cup.

Since then, he has reserved the "Yeah, Baby!" for very special occasions. Theo Fleury's and Jarome Iginla's 50th goals each evoked one. And this year, we've had a "Yeah, Baby!" on four occasions (so far): when the Flames clinched a playoff spot, when Gelinas scored in OT to finish off the Canucks, when Gelinas AGAIN scored in OT to finish off the Wings, and when the Flames won the Western Conference Championship. The 2nd Gelinas OT winner managed to get the rare triple "Yeah, Baby!", which Mr. Maher later admitted was an overreaction. :-)

I'm still trying very hard to find more audio clips. If you've got some you can contribute, please send to joey@lindstrom.ca.

Peter Maher

May 25th, 1989: Flames Win Stanley Cup - "...the Calgary Flames have won the Stanley Cup! We're the winners! We're the winners! Yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby!!!"

Also available: Longer version (7:03) and even longer version (15:10)

March 2004: Flames clinch playoff berth - "...you can put it in the win column! Playoffs! Yeah, baby!"

April 19th, 2004: Flames eliminate Canucks - "They score! The Flames win it! Yeah, baby! Overtime, 3-2! Flames gaining the win, as Martin Gelinas knocks it in on the rebound!"

May 3rd, 2004: Flames eliminate Red Wings - "They score! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Martin Gelinas scores! The Flames win it, 1-0! Yeah, baby!"

Also available: Longer version (2:09)

May 19th, 2004: Flames eliminate Sharks - "They score! You can put it in the win column! The Flames are Western Conference Champions! Yeeeaaaah, baby!"

Also available: Martin Gelinas' 2nd period winning goal

Other Audio

Yeah, Baby! - A parody of William Hung celebrating the Flames' playoff success

In Da Dome - Audio and video of Flames playoff rap from Getti & Big Drew at Vibe 98.5 FM

Paradise City remix - from CJAY-92 FM